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Hello model builders!


The Modellbaufreunde Ried im Innkreis have been organizing their own model building exhibition since 1994. In the beginning it was just a small event among friends, but it has continued to develop.


Just two years later we had an agreement with the town of Ried im Innkreis and the Ried Exhibition Center regarding the use of the halls on the exhibition grounds. In the following years we were able to hold our own model construction exhibition in various halls and continue to expand it. Our first international contacts developed during this time and we soon had the first visitors from Germany and Italy in Ried greet.


In order to bring more visitors into the halls, we have agreed to work with the Rieder Messe. Our exhibition took place at the same time as the Haus&Bau trade fair. The number of visitors and exhibitors increased and after a short time, at the suggestion of a separate MODELLBAUMESSE in Ried.


If we had a 2-year appointment in the first few years, we had to give the Ried trade fair approval for an annual exhibition due to the economic interests of the trade fair. Since other trade fair companies also recognized the potential of this trade fair, it was copied diligently. (just like our friends from the land of the rising sun) This made this change necessary.


More information about this year's exhibition  can be found here!

Your model building friends Ried


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