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The Modellbaufreunde Ried im Innkreis:

Our club was founded in 1994, making it one of the "younger" plastic model building clubs in the big world of plastic model building clubs. However, we claim to be a very nationally and internationally active association with many contacts worldwide.

We mainly deal with plastic model making in all conceivable sectors and scales. A very strongly represented division is currently the civilian model construction area with cars, trucks, rallies, airplanes, followed by military model construction and now and then figures. At the moment we don't have a section that is particularly out of line, although the figures from our model building friends Uwe, Oswald and Klaus are a feast for the eyes. However, it should be noted that in 2008 cardboard model making also found its way into our ranks. This branch of model making is booming and harmonizes very well with plastic model making. Here, too, we have some members who have committed themselves to this division.

Our association currently has 17 active members, 8 supporting members, 1 honorary chairman and an honorary life member,    who deal with plastic and cardboard model making. For some time now, we have also had supporting members from other model making associations at home and abroad. To avoid misunderstandings, it should be noted that we are not an RC or railway model building association. There are separate clubs in the region for this.


Affiliated to IPMS UK - Our association is affiliated to IPMS UK

Since we didn't want to forgo international contacts through our exhibition, we joined IPMS UK in 2006 as a member of the association. We are listed there as an "affiliated association" in the International Plastic Modellers Society United Kingdom (IPMS UK). ("AFFILIATED TO IPMS UK") We are happy with this situation and will remain so after many positive and great discussions with the IPMS UK Board. It is our goal to further intensify these contacts in the future and to expand our connection to IPMS UK. In the meantime, our members have also joined IPMS UK as individual members to show their solidarity with IPMS UK.


We cover our financial annual budget through various sponsors, as well as the annual membership fees of our model builders. Since 2003 there has also been the possibility of joining our association as a supporting member and thus supporting it financially.

Our club fees are staggered and adjusted to the age of the members. How to pay with us:

Children and Youth to the age of 16                                                                no membership fee
Youth from 16 to the age of 20                                                                        - 20,- euros (annually)
Persons from the age of 20                                                                              - 25,- Euro (annully)
supporting members                                                                                          -20,- Euro (annually)


Modellbaufreunde Ried im Innkreis

Chairman deputy

Last remaining founding member of the Modellbaufreunde Ried.


Conspired with the aircraft of the Croatian Air Force and Hellenic Air Force. From time to time a few exotics and planes from other regions.


There are also outliers here and there! Airliner 1:144

Peter - a returnee to the board of MBF Ried im Innkreis. As the second longest remaining active member, Peter deals with civil model making. The main focus is on the truck models. However, vehicles from racing and civil road traffic are always welcome.

Our first member of the association das  deals with the topic of paper and cardboard model making. Above all, his small dioramas and civil aircraft are a feast for the eyes.

In the meantime, he has also dedicated himself to plastic model making and mainly builds helicopters in 1:72


From now on he will take care of the written matters of the association.

Johann - also a model maker in the civil category, has also joined the board.

From now on he will manage the financial side of the club. 

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