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Die Modellbaufreunde Ried im Innkreis are members of IPMS UK "AFFILIATED TO IPMS UK" Attached are information and excerpts from the IPMS Rules 2012 that regulate this membership.

The modelers club “MBF RIED im Innkreis/Austria, is “Affiliated to IPMS UK”, According to IPMS UK Rules 2012, point 2 / paragraph 2.5.fand point 4 


Point 2  / MEMBERSHIPS / Extract from point 2 / paragraph 2.5

Point 2 /2.5f The memberships are currently classified into:

  1. Senior         (Adult)

  2. Junior          (Youth)

  3. Family         (families)

  4. Life              (for lifetime)

  5. Overseas    (not England)

  6. Affiliate       (Club -England and worldwide)

The IPMS UK Committee may create, remove or reclassify classes of membership





The IPMS UK can grant membership (of a club) after payment of the appropriate club fee, to a club organized in the UK or worldwide, where the clubs coordinate their activities and support each other.

The annual subscription for an affiliate club is one and a half times the cost of the senior membership subscription in the associated geographic area where the club is located. (currently €53.30/year)

The benefits of Affiliated (Club) membership are:

  1. One copy of the IPMS magazine per issue and the possibility to announce events there (e.g. exhibitions)

  2. The right to publicly state and show publicly that the association is an "Affiliated to IPMS UK" member.

  3. The right to participate in the IPMS UK exhibition - after the allocation of places to the IPMS UK members and to the trade. The Scale Model World Manager will allocate the space.

  4. The provision of a ticket to the annual exhibition on the same basis as any other member.

  5. An affiliate is entitled to one vote at the general meeting of IPMS UK regardless of the number of members the association has.

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