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Hello Modellers!

As announced, I would like to give you the opportunity to find out more about model building by watching a few videos. I will try to choose these videos objectively and not just offer one category. There will be a lot of videos in English, but the pictures are self-explanatory and also offer visually interesting information for you!

From time to time you have to endure the advertising but that´s the way it is!

I also mainly tried to find videos from one manufacturer so that the topics can be applied across the board. This does not mean that products from other manufacturers do not work!

Plastic model making beginners

How do I use the masking tape

Dealing with putt

Air brush part 1

Air brush part 2

How do I use acrylic paints. 

application of

One shot primer

application of

liquid putty 

Use of AMMO oil paint brushes

Dry brushing colors / application

Dry brushing colors / application

Decal setting with AMMO product

The usage 

by Acrylic Wash

use of

Grass mats for 

the diorama construction

display of


Variety of brushes from

AMMO and their


Design of  snow surface

How to use Long Live the Brushes

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