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25 years of PMC TIROL / Telfs

Below is a report from the exhibition of the PMC Tirol  in Telfs (Tyrol) which took place from April 21st to 22nd, 2018  in the sports hall Tels became.

On the weekend mentioned above, the "25th anniversary exhibition"  of the PMC Telfs took place in the sports hall in Telfs. 

As with all other exhibitions this weekend, one had to accept that only small numbers of visitors were willing to visit an exhibition in this beautiful weather. In the hall, too, one could certainly feel that the temperatures this weekend did not necessarily invite you to visit a hall.

It probably also contributed to the fact that there were many other exhibitions that were of importance to one or the other model maker or club. (Moson Show, PMC Lübeck, MBS Passau, etc.)

Nevertheless, a large number of exhibitors came, from near and far. Our friends from Tyrol were able to welcome participants from Italy, Switzerland, Germany and of course Austria. The trade was also very well represented for the size of the exhibition, but the sales figures here should not have been as "sunny" as the weather.

As always, the organization was exemplary and nothing was left to chance. There was a very extensive raffle, a competition, a communal dinner and lots of fun and technical discussions.

In my opinion, the exhibition was shaped by the military. Model building and civil model building, followed by airplanes and cardboard model building, which was also held up here thanks to a couple of  enthusiasts. Figure model building was also a major topic in the exhibition.

Since we were already at the STEMOT two weeks ago, the exhibition was a  kleines De Javu because many model builders saw each other again in a very short time.

We congratulate the PMC Tirol for this exhibition and wish the association and its members 25 more successful years.

We'll be posting the pictures for it shortly.

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