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Below is a report on our visit to Scale Model World 2018 in England

Hello model builders!


Together with the friends from the "Modellmanufaktur Linz/Land" - Daniel Mysak and from the "airwingmodels" -  Chris Nett, Alexander and myself were back in Telford this weekend.

After flying together from Munich to Birmingham, we started our weekend with a visit to the "Midland Air Museum". A small but fine museum with some special features. Thanks to the nice gentlemen on site, we were allowed to take a seat in a Mil-24 and in the cockpit of the Vulcan.

On Friday evening we were allowed to go into the hall and marvel at a few things and memorize a few important stands so that we can strike right away on Saturday.  On Saturday we were in the hall at 8 a.m. - somehow we were registered differently with the IPMS, so we were in the hall two hours earlier.Wasn't a mistake - this mistake!

The whole day was spent meeting friends, shopping, eating and drinking a bit before we drove back to the hotel in the evening and had to realize right away that the suitcases with the models we had bought that day had already reached the limit of their resilience.

Anyway, on SO -   just take more photos and buy "very small parts". There wasn't room for anything else. On the next visit we will all take larger luggage with us.

Sunday passed very quickly and at 4:00 p.m. this year's Scale Model World closed its doors.

On Monday after breakfast we went to the museum in Cosford to visit the restoration hall and of course the museum. Then the return flight home.

It was a great weekend with nice friends and many contacts. We had a great time and will be planning another trip to Telford in the near future.

G. Schachinger


PS: You can find photos of the individual stations at the link on the right!

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