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Scale Model World 2002 / Telford
12.-13.11.2022 / International Center Telford (GB)

Hello model builders,

we are back from Telford. After the pandemic - if you can say so - and after a cautious start last year, the Scale Model World 2022 is back to its normal operation or its normal size.

First of all, it was a fantastic trip and we enriched our stay with museum visits in Duxford and Cosford. Duxford is always worth a trip and there was also a lot of new things to see and also some Spitfires doing their rounds in the flying display. Cosford has also been adapted a little and you can now also see a Chinook in a hall.

Our cozy evenings were great too and we had a lot of fun these four days on the island. This year we have again found and tested many new restaurants. Everything was great!

Annoyed - that since the pandemic everything (almost everything) has been switched to contactless payment and therefore the charges/fees for the credit card are incurred for every payment! No more cash!


Now back to Scale Model World - It was all a little different!

Last year two halls were occupied and this year the three exhibition halls that are in the International Center. However, there were some changes that are serious.

In Hall 1, two double rows of exhibitor tables were removed from the middle of the hall, so that a really large space was free. In Hall 2 and Hall 3, the catering area was set up generously and therefore many exhibition areas that were still full of exhibitors in 2019 were no longer occupied. In 2019, the catering area was placed opposite Hall 1 in a large extra hall&!

The treasure trove/or the flea market no longer existed - but this had been communicated in advance.

The competition was also moved from the 1st floor of the foyer to Hall 3 - again reducing the exhibition space. If we take all this into account again, we are back at the two halls from 2021!

These were the changes that, as noted above, are serious and have made clear the effects of the high prices in the entire area (hotel, travel, meals, costs for credit card fees - nothing more EU, etc.) and Brexit. Since we like to calculate based on beer prices - a pint of beer in the hall at £6.00 is still €6.82 very high.

For all the small series manufacturers from the continent and the various countries who are now paying import taxes, customs duties, duties on the return journey, etc. due to Brexit and then have the high additional costs, it is no longer worthwhile. A single Frenchman was present with airliner decals - OK decals in the suitcase and on the plane - it is a little easier!

I assume that this will not be any different. So sooner or later we only have only - English dealers who are also a lot more expensive than the dealers in our area. In a few years it will probably be – and the exhibitors from the IPMS branches present also say this – just a “national exhibition of the IPMS” to which model builders from all over the world will no longer travel. Why should they still come and take on the journey and costs - the articles find everything from abroad on the continent too.

Purchasing – for people from the EU – is also more difficult. OK the limit for customs is € 430,00 and few will reach that sum. But the import of paints, varnishes, thinners, etc. is no longer possible - only those that are based on water-based items. – Also one more hurdle!


We wish the organizers that this does not happen as feared, but the signs are bad and nobody has any advice at the moment or has a solution on how to turn things around. I am happy that I still visited the  Scale Model World in 2019!


Your model building friends Ried

Gottfried Schachinger / Chairman

Pictures will follow shortly!

IWM Duxford.png
RAF Cosford.png
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