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Exhibition "Crna Kraljica" - Zagreb

Below is a report from the exhibition of "Crna Kraljica" in Zagreb on the

September 07, 2019 took place

Hello model builders!

I've wanted to visit the Crna Kraljica exhibition in Zagreb for a long time. Unfortunately, the deadline never worked out. This year the time had come. Since we wanted to start our family holiday in Croatia with a visit to Zagreb, it made sense to go on Saturday and visit the exhibition – which only lasts one day.

We left home at 6:00 a.m., so we arrived in Zagreb around 10:00 a.m. without any problems. The hall was quickly found using the navigation system and there were also enough parking spaces in the school complex. Admission is free and the ladies at reception were very nice and gave us some information in Croatian/English/German - a new language but quite effective.

The hall itself was a "slightly" larger gymnasium and we used it for example. know from the STEMOT. The outdoor area was limited by the numerous dealers and some exhibitors from Austria. Like the STEIRER and the IPMS Austria - apart from that, I didn't notice any association that exhibited in the way we know it from our exhibitions. Some of the dealers had great things with them and, due to the geographical location, many things that cannot be found at exhibitions here.

Here too – as in MOSON – the only goal is competition.


So it also happens that when you look at the models on the tables, in the next round you are confronted with completely different models, because the competitors are constantly coming and the models are constantly being moved around. It is easy to lose track of the models you have seen. But it doesn't hurt if you do a few rounds around the tables.

The quality of the models was very, very good, but unfortunately I can't get used to this "exhibition process". I always feel like I'm too hectic at these 1-day exhibitions. Bending everything down in one day – submitting, evaluating, award ceremony, departure, etc. – too much stress for me at once and actually not really nice contact, because everything is done in a few hours and the hall is empty again.

I have now seen this exhibition and I also liked it cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_the ambiance of the city - ZAGREB is beautiful -  I liked 136bad5cf58d_ very much and for that reason alone I would spend a long weekend there again including a visit to the exhibition.

Attached is the link to my pictures.








Gottfried / MBF Ried im Innkreis

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