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Exhibition "SVET V MALEM"

Below is a report from the exhibition of the association "Svet v Malem/Kranj" in Slovenia on May 13th, 2017

Hello model builders!

On Saturday a small but fine model building exhibition took place in Kranj/Slovenia.


As every year, the model building friends of the local association "Svet v Malem" organized this exhibition in this beautiful city with a wonderful old town centre.

We were able to get to know the people from "Svet v Malem" at the "Die Steirer" exhibition in Wettmanstätten, where we actually already registered for this exhibition.

Other countries - other customs also in model building.

It was an exhibition like we don't know. Apart from the Styrians, there was another club from Slovenia and we didn't have any other club. The organizers only presented themselves on a "club table" the size of a beer table.

The main focus of these events is the competition. But this one gets down to business. The models could be submitted until 11:00 a.m. on Saturday. Then the evaluation takes place, at 4:00 p.m. the award ceremony and at 5:00 p.m. the whole thing is over. A tight program that was mastered with bravura.

It was also interesting that you only pay an entry fee once and can submit as many models as you want. Model builders from Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Italy, Austria and of course Slovenia submitted models for evaluation. This resulted in an impressive number of over 300 models.

I was curious how this would be handled and   all models would be evaluated in this short time. This was also done without any problems and also in a new way that I have not seen before. From each category, the evaluators put the ten best models on an extra table beforehand and selected the five best models from them, from which gold, silver and bronze were then awarded. Effective and easy.

The quality of the models was very high and, as always in these southern countries, executed with a level of detail and a finish that one could only marvel at. Unfortunately, the pictures I took cannot show this.

We were also able to establish contact with the model building associations from the above-mentioned countries and if these contacts remain open, we have met new model building friends who have also announced that they will come to our exhibition. We also received an invitation for an exhibition in Croatia, but this is already in two weeks and therefore – at least for me – not feasible.


Attached are a few more pictures from this exhibition.


your chairman

Gottfried Schachinger

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