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Exhibition MBS PASSAU

Below is a report from the MBS Passau exhibition on April 22nd and 23rd in Neuhaus am Inn

Hello model builders!

The Modellbaufreunde Ried were represented by ten members of the association at the above-mentioned weekend at the MBS Passau exhibition in Neuhaus. As always, the exhibition was very well organised.

I had the impression that more clubs took part in the exhibition this year. Die Modellbaufreunde from Modellbaumanufaktur Linz Land were present, as were friends from the airwing models. It's a pity that our friends from various deutschen model building friends and associations have not yet discovered this exhibition for themselves.

By and large, one can say that everything is in "Austrian hands" - with the exception, of course, of the organizing club and a few lone fighters in terms of model building.

The hall was well filled and should a few more people join them in the next few years, space will be tight and our friends will have to look for another location. I hope that here, too, the future will be looked at and planned a little.

As always, the large environment of all sectors in plastic and cardboard model making was represented and you could marvel at the very high-quality models. A dealer rounded off this exhibition. Through various private sales you could also buy one or the other bargain. 

We wish the friends of the MBS Passau a further increase in exhibitors and good planning in 2018, as in April 2018 there were already many clubs  Your exhibition dates have fixed or announced.


your chairman

Gottfried Schachinger

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