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STEMOT 2017 Wettmannstätten

Below is a report from STEMOT 2017 in Wettmannstätten (Styria), which took place from February 11th to 12th, 2017 in the Weststeirerhalle.

For the first time in Austria there was finally a model making exhibition in the south of our country. "Die Steirer" who operate under IPMS Austria invited to their own exhibition for the first time . 

The invitation did not fall on deaf ears but was heard and so the organizers were able to welcome model builders from Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany and Austria at their first exhibition.

Most of the model builders arrived on Friday, so the day before the hall was almost full to the last meter. On Saturday, a few more joined them and nothing stood in the way of the opening.

All divisions were represented and especially the cardboard model making and also the airplane model making could shine with a large abundance of exhibits. Followed by military model building, dioramas, figures, etc., the whole world of model building was presented. The visitors should also have been waiting for something to finally happen here in terms of model making. To be honest, we didn't come here with great expectations in terms of the number of visitors, but we were taught better and were very pleasantly surprised. The trade was also represented in large numbers by Heinz SCHWARZ / PAUL model building, CHRIS figure shop, BELLA Citei and a dealer from Poland.

Already on the first day, the organizers were able to register more visitors than smaller exhibitions that we are familiar with, and we were not disappointed on Sunday either. The interest of the visitors was very high and there were a lot of interesting conversations.

It was also amazing how many model builders there are who actually build models but like us, they remain hidden in the dark little room.

This exhibition was of course rounded off by a competition. This was held in various categories and awarded medals and certificates as well as the "Best of Show" rating. There was also a visitor rating, which was also awarded a trophy. The Modellbaufreunde Ried were also able to win a gold medal in the PAPER/BUILDING category thanks to our member Robert GERSTMAYR. Congratulations!

The team around Mario HOBISCH really did a great job here and the organization throughout the weekend was just perfect. The accommodations and dinner were great  and the "Styrian delicacies evening" was also a great   addition to these wonderful days.

We "Die Steirer"  would like to congratulate you on this optimal model building weekend and assure you that we will be at the "STEMOT 2018" again next year.

Attached are pictures from this weekend

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