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After the SPECIAL TOPICS at the 2019 exhibition went down a bit, I would be happy if we could do something again in 2020 and find something in the topics we selected. It will not be that difficult as there are a few topics here that have a lot of models for everyone interested. We will also put table stands online again, which everyone can print out for their model lettering. (If you want that!) Here are the topics: 80 years of the AIR BATTLE for ENGLAND

The Battle of Britain was the attempt by the German Air Force in the Second World War, after the defeat of France between summer 1940 and early 1941, to force Britain to surrender with air strikes against the British armed forces and British cities, or, by gaining air superiority, the planned invasion of the United Kingdom Prepare island. Known internationally as the Battle of Britain, the Battle of Britain was a series of battles in British airspace waged by the German Air Force against the Royal Air Force (RAF). British historians set the period of the battle from July 10th to October 31st 1940, as from that day the day raids failed to materialize. There is also a really extensive portfolio of models and possibilities of dioramas that can be built on this topic.

The VW T1, more precisely VW Type 2 T1, also called the Bulli, was a small van from Volkswagenwerk GmbH (from 1960: AG). The T1 was the first model in the VW bus series, the models of which are officially called VW Transporters and internally Type 2. After the VW Beetle, internal type 1, the VW bus is the second series of the VW plant for civil use and is still produced as the VW T5 / T6. The van was developed from 1949 and brought to market maturity in 1950. The car, which was the market leader during its construction, is considered a symbol of the German economic miracle. One of the first motorhomes was built on its basis. Here, too, a lot can be shown with the REVELL kits!

70 Years VW Bulli T1

85 Years first fligth of Messerschmitt Bf-109

The Messerschmitt Bf 109 (often referred to as Me 109) was a single-engine, single-seat Fighter plane from the German aircraft manufacturer Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG (BFW, from 1938: Messerschmitt AG). It belonged to a new generation of low-wing fighter aircraft, which were characterized by a closed pilot cockpit, retractable landing gear and an all-metal construction of the fuselage and wings. Beyond its original purpose, various variants were also used as fighter-bombers, night fighters and reconnaissance planes. With around 33,300 aircraft, the Bf 109 is one of the most built aircraft and the most built fighter aircraft in history. The first flight took place in May 1935. The first series machines were incorporated into the Luftwaffe fighter groups in February 1937. Despite the early start of construction before the start of the Second World War, the Bf 109 was a competitive model in use against the Allies due to continuous improvements until 1945. You don't have to say too much here - I assume almost everyone has already built this type of aircraft.

Battle of Britain

45 Years AH-64 Apache 

A development contract for a heavy attack helicopter had already been put out to tender by the US Army in 1964. The result was the Lockheed AH-56 "Cheyenne", a combat helicopter for high-speed dive attacks. This concept was obsolete when it turned out in practice that the helicopter was extremely vulnerable to surface-to-air missiles fired at its dive angle by this tactic. As the entire design of the Cheyenne was affected by the fall attack, the AH-56 project was discontinued. For the second attempt, the US Army also wanted better maneuverability, night-time capability and outstanding low-flying capabilities. The new helicopter was designed for use in forested, hilly and mountainous areas in Europe and Asia. The Hughes YAH-64 prototype was able to demonstrate its capabilities impressively on its test flights from September 30, 1975. I didn't think this jackscrew had been in use for so long. But there are many kits of this helicopter in all scales. Source for all texts: Wikipedia

So that was the special topic for you since 2020. So there is really something for everyone and we are already looking forward to many models on these topics.
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